Resume Builder

Your resume is what gets your foot in the door.  It's often the first experience your new employer has of you.  Your experience shows your capabilities and what you've accomplished in the past.  The style your resume is written in and the way you piece your history together illustrate the path you are creating for  yourself.  In a one-on-one resume building workshop, I share techniques that effectively communicate your capabilities and manifest the new opportunities you are seeking.

Career Coach

Successful career development takes vision and process.  I work with you in a series of mentoring sessions to develop your life blueprint and personal performance management system.  We'll identify your core values and match them with industries that compliment them.  From there we will match your talent with opportunities that also align.   We work together to navigate through the phases in your career so you can prepare for change, manifest growth, and lead a more fulfilled life.

Organization Design

I work with organizations to foster a corporate culture that attracts diverse talent.  I create department management systems to help  these organizations develop and retain the talent they attract.  As a team, our priority will be to align hr strategy with operational systems so you can generate your own leadership pipeline.  We will work together to navigate through each phase of your business' lifecycle.  We'll provide the support you need so you can  lead your organization to achieve its objectives.